When it comes to running a bar service we are the experts. Just leave it to us, we are 100% focussed on making sure your bar service is a spectacular success, your day runs smoothly and your guests have a great time.

We work really hard in the background making sure everything at the bar goes smoothly, your guests have a great time and the place is kept tidy.

We make sure we are familiar with all the rules at the venue and know how to make sure everything runs like a dream. That way you and your guests can just kick back, enjoy the day and let the good times roll.

Our crew are dressed in a standard uniform of black shirts and pants, and dark denim bib aprons. Here’s a photo of some of our crew (Mele & Anika, Louise & Erica).

Here’s how things usually go on the day, we will…

Set up 

  • Unpack the first supply of drinks from your chiller trailer
  • Set up your ice and drinks to the bar (in the bathtub)
  • Mix any punches and pour into dispensers (if supplied/required)
  • Unpack glassware
  • Set up the bar ready to open and serve guests

Bar Service

  • Serve guests from the bar throughout the afternoon/evening
  • Restock the bathtub and bar from your chiller trailer
  • Collect empties and glassware left around the venue
  • Place cold water bottles onto the reception tables
  • Table service during breaks in speeches at dinner service if requested

Pack Down

  • At the end of the night, we will rinse and pack your glassware and place by your chiller trailer
  • Bag up all the recycling and rubbish and place by your chiller trailer
  • Tidy and clean the bar area

We know there’s a lot of things to organise when you’re planning a wedding. So we think it’s only fair that we help out to take care of some of the little details.

Bags of Ice

We can deliver the ice for the bar, we charge you $4.50 per bag. If you do you want to organise your own ice, the nearest place to get it from is the BP in Pongakawa, they have ice for $4.50 per bag, we suggest you call (07-533 4155) to order it to make sure they have enough. Either way you’ll need a minimum of 18 bags of ice.

Rubbish Sacks

We provide black sacks for your rubbish and recycling, if you do want to arrange your own that’s fine too.

Tea & Coffee

For your guests, we can sort out tea and coffee (including all the disposable cups, milk, sugar) and set it up for you. We will set up the hot water urn, set out the cups, tea, coffee, milk and spoons. We normally set the tea/coffee up just after dinner service when you’d have dessert served. We’ll pack everything away at the end of the night. Again, if you want to arrange your own tea/coffee service yourself or get your caterer to arrange it, just let us know.

We are here to help, if you have any special requests or tricky questions just email us at crew@bookhandlebar.com

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