When should we start serving drinks?

We normally open the bar when guests arrive, but just have non-alcoholic available until after the ceremony. Based on past feedback having alcohol available pre-ceremony can be disruptive (a couple of drinks on a warm day and weak bladders can mean guests need a bathroom break mid-ceremony).

How many drinks should we order?

Normally, allow an average of 2 drinks for the first hour then 1 drink per hour thereafter. The bar will be open for about 7.5 hours, so that’s 8.5 drinks per person.

Liquorland has an awesome drink calculator! Click the link below


Should we order non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes! It is essential that there are non-alcohloic drinks (as well as water) to be offered to guest throughout the evening to be able to serve alcoholic drinks. So please ensure there is enough non-alcohloic drinks to last your guests the whole night. There is drinking water at OFS.

Who should we get our chiller and alcohol from?

We’d suggest a good place to get your chiller from is Liquorland Mount Maunganui, SuperLiquor Te Puke or Dobsons in Te Puke, but you can do whatever suits you.

What types of alcohol should we get?

This is totally up to you. Often, we are given beer/cider and wine to serve, we can also make punches and simple cocktail recipies (e.g. Vodka & sprite, gin & tonic)

In our experience it’s usually heavier wine preference maybe 60/40 split. Liquorland drink calculator also helps with what ratio of drinks to have.

Where can I get local craft beer from?

Mount Brewing Co has an awesome selection at a good price. https://www.mountbrewingco.com

Can we use Kegs?

Yes you can provide kegs, but juts a few things to consider; Make sure you’ve got plenty of glassware (we don’t supply them). Bar service can be a little slower for guests particularly when kegs need changing over and there can be quite a lot of wastage too. 

How much glassware should we get?

Suggestion for glassware would be 1 to 1.5 glasses per guest per drink type for the Bar, eg wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, water tumblers etc. Plus whatever glassware you’d like for the tables. We provide flutes to hold water on the tables (12 total), usually 4-5 glasses are placed around each flute (48-60 water glassware for the tables).

Who should we get our glassware from?

Liquorland, SuperLiquor or Absolute Party Hire can help with glassware.